I used Vitashine Fairness Cream and it is wonderful. As herbal ingredients are used, it gives a soft feel to the skin and glows your skin.

Renish Kumbhani


I used the Clozac Pimple Care Face Wash. I got 100% successful results from this product. Thank You So much Clozac.

Vikrant Lukka

Hi! I used the Vitashine Fairness Soap and it is wonderful. It gives a soft feel to the skin and makes your skin glow. As herbal ingredients are used there is no worry about harm to the skin.

Jems Salaviya

I used the Revera Aloevera & Multivitamin Soap. It is gentle on skin and is nondrying. It smells great and is a good cleanser. Good value for money.

Vidhi Patel

I have tried many hair products and this Revera Damage Hair Repair Shampoo is great! It smells good. You don't have to use a lot.

Punam Patel